Woman Perfecting Facebook Post Misses Entire Sunday Afternoon Session

Ogden, UT—Local LDS woman Karen Shields reported missing an entire session of the LDS’ Church semiannual General Conference after trying to adequately phrase her Facebook post earlier this afternoon.

“I just got caught up in all of the #twitterstake, #ldsconf and other hashtags. Don’t even get me started on all the “He Lives” videos I wanted to post too,” said Shields.

The mother of four noted that her troubles began during Elder Hales’ talk about the fight between good and evil and the right to worship. “He was talking about how everyone needed to protect religious freedom and I thought to myself: ‘All 637 of your Facebook friends need to know this right now, Kare Bear.’”

LDS General Conference Facebook

Shields mentioned that she thought about a pun, “Don’t believil in Evil” but the Spirit told her it was super lame. She tried to think of a different spiritual thing to post, such as “good will triumph over evil,” but the Spirit informed her it was too generic.

After waiting nearly two hours for inspiration, she finally posted her comment to social media, which read: “Religious freedom always needs to be protected. #ldsconf.” Sadly, Shields had already missed the entirety of the Sunday afternoon session of conference.

Karen’s three Facebook friends who liked her eventual post admitted they didn’t actually read it, they just liked it because of the #ldsconf hashtag.

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