Lesser-Known BYUSA Slogans from Past Elections

PROVO — With BYUSA elections in full swing, The BunYion takes a look at some of the lesser-known slogans past participants have used.

  • “Vote Jessica and Peter! We promise to carefully word all of our platform items so your hope will be high, but nothing will really get done.” —Jessica Shaw and Peter Van Orme, 1985
  • “BYUSA is about you! Just kidding, it’s about us.” —Richard Odder and Julia Summer, 1987
  • “Your voice, our résumés, and sacred funds to sponsor it all!” —Meredith Jones and Lucille Forman, 1988
  • “A vote for Green and Bateman is a vote against Satan.” —Ryan Green and Logan Bateman, 1992
  • “Seriously Ryan and Logan? All we did was suggest letting caffeine on campus.” —Mackenzie Lewis and Bernie Taylor, 1992
  • “Vote for Thomas and Dean, we’re pretty much the only team that isn’t from the Marriott school since BYUSA was formed.” —Thomas Hutchinson and Dean Lawrence, 1997
  • “Jake’s dad is a GA so if you have a testimony, vote for us.” —Jacob Hinckley and Marion Hernandez, 2000
  • “We’ll only stop harassing you in Brigham Square once you promise us your allegiance.” —Karen Feltzer and Daniel Luczinsky, 2003
  • “We promise to spend your money on worthwhile things: Tucanos, Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, etc.” —Derek O’Brien and Connor Hardison, 2003
  • “Because we’ve always wanted to sit on the stand at devotionals.” —Kurt Bjork and Andrea Rassmussen, 2007
  • “The power of the administration compels you!” —Stanley Warner and Leah Olsen, 2010
  • “Please guys, I’m in the business school and my resume really needs this. I promise you can come party at our place in the Village if we win.” —Ryan Koppe and Erik Rosenberg, 2012


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