BYU Opens More Student Parking in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas

Amid student complaints over a lack of available parking near campus, BYU has officially opened two new parking lots, especially for students, in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.

Although some students were concerned about the distance between the new lots and BYU’s Provo campus, most were excited to be able to get more exercise during their 15- or 129-hour walks from Salt Lake City or Las Vegas, respectively.

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When administrators at the university were asked whether they worried that the 45- to 377-mile walk from the parking lots to campus might leave students with too little time to get to class, they responded, “We always seek the best interests of our fine student body and we will spare no expense in seeing they get the most frustrating experience possible.”

In addition to these expansions, BYU is expected to announce the opening of their new testing center in Los Angeles next week.

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