Paternity Pants: BunYion Student Entrepreneur Product of the Week

PROVO — “It happened to me. My wife got pregnant and I turned into a big fat lard,” says student innovator Tracy McWalden. “Then I invented the best pants in the world.”

Paternity Pants for the fatty birth companions

Tracy won the grand prize for the 2013 BYU Entrepreneurs Competition with his innovative solution to the “sympathy baby” problem: Paternity Pants.

Paternity Pants are jeans that have a stretch waist, but are specifically designed for men. Buyers can choose between the original Paternity Pants or the Paternity Band, a modified version that you can use on your own pants to help your fat gut squeeze in comfortably.

Jeremy Escobar, BYU student and soon-to-be father, exclaimed “I can wear pants again!” Escobar explained that eight months into the pregnancy, he has gained close to 60 pounds while his wife has gained almost 30. “When your wife is scarfing pints of ice cream, it’s hard not to join in out of sympathy.”

Paternity Pants are for more than just fathers. Plus-size model Xin Yi Woo (pictured left), explained to BunYion reporters, “My wife isn’t pregnant*, but I can play with my General Authority Trading Cards longer when I have less waistband pressure on my bladder.”

In an effort to support this fantastic business idea and others like it, the BunYion will be taking pre-orders for weekly entrepreneurial products.  If we receive 50 or more orders we’ll place the order with Tracy. If we receive less than 50, we’ll send you back your money.

Click here to Pre-Order Yours Today!
$30 for Paternal Band (XL–XXXXL)
$60 for Paternity Pants + Paternity Band

*XIn Yi Woo is happily married to his imaginary wife of one year.

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