Ask Sister Christensen: Costumes for Children of God

Dear Sister Christensen,

I loved your last post and it has helped me immensely in avoiding the appearance of evil. I am in desperate need of your advice and need some good costume ideas. With our ward Halloween party tonight and trick-or-treating for the kids, what should we do? My kids have come up with a couple costume ideas, but I’ve nixed them all. I can’t believe my son thought I would be okay with him dressing up as Dracula, the son of the devil, and that my daughter wanted to be Hermione, a career woman who practices witchcraft. Any suggestions for a costumes befitting righteous sons and daughters of God?

Amy ondi-Ahman


Dear Amy,

Thank you for writing me, as this is a truly troublesome topic and I’ve been wanting to talk about appropriate role models for some time. Sometimes we need to throw our plans out the window and go by the subtle prompting of the spirit of Halloween. Here are a few of my do’s and don’ts for picking an appropriate Halloween costume.


  1. Dress up like a prince or princess. This costume is for those of us who value earthly kingdoms. As for me, I’ll wait for mine in heaven.
  2. Dress up like a ghost. Now I know it’s quick and easy to cut a couple holes in a sheet, and you may have been tempted to do so, but this trivializes the role of the Holy Ghost.


  1. Dress up like Brigham Young and other leaders of our Great Church. It’s a fantastic way for children to start following the prophet. I mean they’re who we’re supposed to model ourselves after, right?
  2. Dress up like role models such as Robin Thicke. He’s a bastion for male righteousness, especially considering how few in the music industry are actually married.
  3. As for your girls, to keep them on the straight and narrow, maybe they could dress up like brides or sister missionaries?

Sister Christensen

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