BYU to Offer New Degree – Master’s of Relief Society

Not being able to live down the phrase from Patricia Holland “a ring by spring or your money back”, College of Family Life faculty are lobbying to give sweet single sisters another shot.

The college is looking to keep the dream of marriage alive in the minds of single adult woman at BYU with a new Master’s of Relief Society, or MRS Degree.

“I hope they approve it before I graduate,” says Sarah Kimball, a junior studying consumer science. “I want to keep meeting cute boys, date some more as well as prepare myself for that glorious day of celestial marriage. Getting a master’s degree would be good too, I guess.”

Single woman all over campus are saying "Yes we can get an MRS degree!"
Single woman all over campus are saying “Yes we can get an MRS degree!”

Since it is only in the proposal stage and interest in the program is high, admittance will likely be limited to single, return missionary sisters over 25 who have at least held the position of Relief Society secretary in their respective ward.

Internships include serving in a Stake Relief Society Presidency or working on an effective visiting teaching route in a rural ward. Most internships would be unpaid.

Dean Barbara Burkeman told BunYion reporters “The new graduate program would teach sisters that there is more to singles wards than ‘munch n’ mingle’, ‘graze n’ gaze’ as well as ‘burp n’ flirt’ activities. There is a whole hour of the Sunday block dedicated to lifting each sister up in her personal dating trials. In the MRS program, sisters would be taught new flirting tactics, different ways to organize Super Saturday crafts, homemaking and the proper way to set up the tablecloth during Relief Society. It would prepare these sweet spirits for the mantle of Relief Society President once her own personal Elder has been wrangled.”

For more information on the new program, send emails to

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