“True Blue” Cookie Monster to Take Over as Official BYU Mascot

PROVO- After months of failed salary negotiations and stalled bargaining agreements, Cosmo the Cougar will step down as official BYU mascot to be replaced by Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster.

Athletic Director Tom Holmoe was available for an exclusive interview with The BunYion where he discussed the various reasons for the switch.

“Our mascot has to be able to take on and intimidate other mascots. We don’t want a mascot that represents flirtatious older women anymore. We want to appeal to a younger crowd because doing that will help us in recruiting.”

Holmoe talked about the long recruiting process involved to draw in a highly respected mascot.

Cookie Monster on an official recruiting trip with BYU.
Cookie Monster on an official recruiting trip with BYU.

“We tested the candidates at various away games in the stands to see how the crowd would react. The guy from Eiffel 65 was just depressed all the time. The Blue Man Group had great crowd appeal except for two issues: They would hang out with the marching band too often, and then there was the incident of bopping students with drumsticks. That left us with only one candidate,” reported Holmoe.

“Me excited for football and cookies and Cougareat,” said the blue monster as he scarfed down a batch of Cannon Center cookies. “Me agent work really hard, he work magic to get me to BYU.”

Students and alumni were happy to see an idol appear again as a college mascot. “As long as he brings the refreshments to every single FHE, this will be the best decision BYU has ever made,” said BYU student Allison Elms.


Plans are even in the works to work “C is for Cookies” into the BYU fight song.

A welcome ceremony will be held for Cookie Monster before the kickoff of the BYU v. Utah football game on September 21st.

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