Dr. Seuss Visits BYU Bookstore

PROVO- Over 50 years since its original publishing Dr. Seuss’s famous children’s book “Cat in the Hat” will be re-released to the public. To celebrate the re-releasing, Dr. Seuss chose to visit his alma mater, BYU, for a book signing. Seuss’s visit caused “Jimmer-like” excitement throughout the campus.


Students tear each other apart trying to see Dr. Suess
Students tear each other apart trying to see Dr. Suess

“We are so pleased to welcome the Doctor!” said Karen Tuchas, the head of bookstore public relations. “The last time we had a book signing Orson Scott Card punched a student for asking if he wrote Harry Potter. This has been less violent so far.”

BYU students had an even more positive reaction. Kayleene, a sophomore from Bountiful, said “I’ve read Cat in the Hat more times than I’ve read any other book! Well, not counting 1st Nephi. I can’t believe Dr. Seuss is here!!”

Kayleene wasn’t the only one excited. The bookstore sold out tickets to an exclusive lunch where Dr. Seuss held private readings of his unpublished works: “Horton Hears a Nazi”, “How the Grinch Filed for Unemployment”, and “Green Eggs and Salmonella”.

Dr. Seuss will be returning for a re-release of “The Lorax” on September 31, 2013 in the BYU Bookstore between 2 PM and 4 PM.

dr. suess in bookstore
Dr. Seuss smiles for Bunyion reporters before they are escorted from the building.


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