Fans Erect Touchdown Brigham Young to Rival Notre Dame’s Touchdown Jesus Before Big Game

PROVO – After last year’s demoralizing loss to Notre Dame, BYU fans in Utah Valley decided that something needed to be done to bring more “blessings” to the football team.

Touchdown Jesus: Instrumental figure in the victory over BYU.
Touchdown Jesus: Instrumental figure in last year’s victory over BYU.


“We were at Notre Dame’s stadium last year and we figured that if they had a Touchdown Jesus that could give them spiritual and physical power to overcome their foes, we needed something similar for our Cougars,” said BYU alum Dave Browning.

Browning and other alumni hatched a plan: Build Touchdown Brigham Young.

The statue will be  to the east of the stadium, casting its arms towards the sky in the sign of the touchdown. It stands over 60 feet high and is covered in solid gold. Browning hopes students, alumni and football fans of BYU will make annual pilgrimages to the statue and build up blessings that will fall upon the football team.

“I mean we could really take a page out of the Israelites’ book here with this one,” Browning said. “Anyone reading Exodus 32:6 can clearly see that it was an allusion to present day tailgating followed by a good game of football.”

Others were glad to see that honor bestowed on the Pioneer prophet. “Since he is the head of our university, we felt like we needed to honor him more,” reasoned Mike Denson, a friend of Browning’s and fellow BYU football fan. “We’re hoping the statue can set a precedent at Church as well. More Brigham Young based talks in Church, quotes in Sunday school, Halloween costumes or anything else affiliated with him.”

Browning mentioned that “We don’t want to idolize or worship Brigham Young,” they said, “but if we want to receive the blessings the statue might give us, we might want to start.”

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