Meet the Candidates

With Stake Presidency Elections just days away, we are pleased to announce the winners of the various primaries and a short summary on some of their positions and history.

High Priest Party Nominee- Mike Bray

Mike Christiansen

73 year old Bro. Bray is the oldest nominee for the Stake Presidency, but perhaps the most energetic. He enjoys serving those around him in the Salt Lake City metro area and also enjoys walks with his wife at the City Creek Mall. Bray is currently on the Stake High Council and plans on bringing his networking ties to the forefront of this election.

“My wife is in charge of printing the programs for our ward, so she sent me hundreds of “Pray for Bray” fliers to pass out to the wards I visited last week,” Bray said. “Hopefully everyone will follow my recipe for success: Search, ponder, vote for Bray.”

International Party Nominee – Moisés Rodriguez

Moises Rodriguez

The lone foreign candidate in this election, Bro. Rodriguez immigrated with his family from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico at the age of 16. Although weary about the difficulties he may face as a Latino, he hopes that his conservative Church views and lax immigration policies will help garner support in the coming days.

“I want to change this Stake if I am elected and make it welcome to all of God’s children,” said the father of three. “If you want to work hard and gain a wonderful heavenly reward, vote for me.”

Convert Party Nominee – Joseph Gordon

Joseph Gordon

Bro. Gordon, a former Sunday School teacher, hails from St. George and is a father of four children. Although he did not serve a mission as he converted to the Church at age 27, Gordon claims he is still a good person. He was also inactive for a time and has a tattoo, so his claims may be under closer investigation.

“I love my Stake and I am hoping to be able to make a difference if elected,” said the former Prodigal Son. “I know I can help people refocus on what is truly important in the Church: Jesus.”

Covenant Party Nominee- Richard Allington

Richard Allington

Bro. Allington currently serves as Executive Secretary of his ward in the same town in which he grew up, Murray. Allington served a mission in “Misión España, Barcelona” which he always pronounces with an accent. A firm believer in tithing gross income, Allington also has a very conservative stance in regards to many Church matters.

“I know the Church is true and that my family is the best family around. I pity all who are not a part of my wonderful family,” Allington said. “Since I’ve held many prestigious callings in the church, I know that it will be revealed to you as it was to me that I am the next Stake President.”


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