Letter to the Editor: Several Complaints

Editors of thebunyion.com,

I feel constrained to voice my concerns regarding your deceptive and misleading article about the Mormon Tabernacle choir and the Stadium of Fire. Not only was the choir utterly absent from the performances, but Carly Rae Jepsen was there with her worldly attire, beats, and lyrics. I brought my two young, impressionable boys to the stadium expecting a spiritually enriching evening of patriotism and hymn-singing. Instead, I encountered an appalling assortment of entertainment the devil himself would be proud of. I’m sure if Jesus had returned in all His glory in the middle of the performances, both Carly Rae Jepsen and Kelly Clarkson would have looked down at their wardrobes and been too ashamed to raise their head to meet the searing gaze of the Savior. I, however, would not have been ashamed.

I came expecting the souls of my self and my dear children to be edified by the inspired words of sacred hymns. Instead, our souls were dragged through the mud of lyrics portraying unsanctified relationships and emotions. Why would Carly Rae Jepsen feel the need to be handing out her digits all willy nilly to a boy she just met? It’s indecent and far too forward. I hope my boys grow up with the wisdom to know that any girl who goes handing out her number after just meeting them does not respect her sacred womanhood as a daughter of God. I hope my beautiful sons find their righteous wives’ numbers through the singles ward directory as my husband and bishop did.

I am not angry, but I am full of righteous indignation at your article for causing this filth to enter the minds of my children and myself. I wonder if you even fact check your sources before posting your information. Some of the other information you have posted seems questionable as well. I find it highly unlikely that Jeff Richardson, the freshman interviewed in your Jimmer article, has never seen Jimmer play basketball. Also, I’m no mathematician, but the statistic cited in the missionary revolt article about 18-year-olds not having a clue seems a little high.

Ultimately, I implore you to be more careful about the accuracy of your articles. The premise of a new, dedicated news source focusing on BYU and the great state of Utah is attractive, but if the articles don’t increase in quality and impartiality, I will be forced to unbookmark your page in exchange for more reputable news sources such as Fox News or the Book of Mormon.

From a loving wife and mother,

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